When you're trying to generate a voice-over, sometimes you may get an error like the one in the below screenshot.



This issue mainly occurs due to the text formatting issue and can be resolved quickly if you follow the below steps:


  1. Try to paste the text in a NOTEPAD first.

  2. After that, copy the text from the notepad (so all WORD formatting is gone) and then paste it.  It should work now.

  3. Make sure you have no broken tags like [ePause (without closing ] )


If the issue persists even after trying the above steps, please drop us a support ticket mentioning the following details:


  1.  Please paste the entire block of text you used to generate (including the special character codes) before pressing the GENERATE button.

  2.  Also, tell us the language and voice used. 

  3.  Please send us a screenshot of your ENTIRE Speechelo interface as well. We will help you on priority.