Problem description
When you are viewing the generated videos using Windows Media Player or other Video Player, the video does not play correctly

Problem solution
The power of Video Spin Blaster is that it creates videos very very fast, and the output file has a low file size.
For example a 10 minute HD video that contains 10 slides can be created in 4-5 seconds and will have a size of 500KB-1MB.
To achieve this, Video Spin Blaster creates videos with a low framerate. Because of this, most video players will have problems playing the video.
We recommend using VLC player. Download it from:
Try to not skip frames when viewing (don't fast forward the movie) and you will see that the video is generate correctly.

!IMPORTANT! After you upload the video on any video directory (YouTube, Blip, Metacafe....) the video will be visible with no problems. So the problem appears only when viewing videos locally, after you upload the videos, everything will work good.