The PRO version of Video Marketing Blaster is an upgrade to the standard version. You need to own VMB Standard first, then you will be able to upgrade to Video Marketing Blaster Pro.

The PRO upgrade will unlock the 2 extra modules: Niche Analysis and Rank Tracker

VMB Standard provides (1) Keywords Research  (2) Video details with are derived from

VMB Pro provides additional modules i.e. (3) Niche Analysis and (4) Rank tracker

The function of each module is as below :

(1) Keywords Research - Perform in-depth analysis of your main keyword to produce the Ranking Factor (under "Rank" column) and " Search results/ YT competing videos"

(2) Video Details - Produce the best title, description and tags which can be used for you to produce your new video to be uploaded to gain ranking advantages

(3) Niche analysis - Perform indepth analysis of the top 10 Youtube videos and identify the ideal title/description/tags which you should model (adopt and change - not copy 100%) + Generate Ranking Reports

(4) Rank tracker - allows you to keep track of the videos (yours and others) based on the keywords and videos specified