Whenever you face an error message when trying to add accounts in Live Event Blaster (or when publishing a new item) you need to check your Client ID/Secret from Settings. Your YouTube API client id/secret has a quota limit (from YouTube) of about 5 live events upload/day.

In case you get a message like "Quota Exceeded" it means you reached your Quota limit. You will need to wait until the next day, and the quota will be reset automatically.

If you don't want to wait, you can create a new Client ID/Secret

Please click on Settings button from Live Event Blaster.


Next visit https://liveblaster.com/api-key to see how you can create a new Client ID and Secret. Once you finished creating these, please paste them in Live Event Blaster. After you paste a new Client ID/Secret in Live Event Blaster, go to Manage Accounts, remove the accounts and add them again.

If you do this, make sure you go through each event and right click on it and hit EDIT to re-set the account to the event.