We usually recommend not streaming an event. By doing that, you can easily rank simply with the thumbnail that you have set to the event. You can then upload a video normally on YouTube (or using Mass Video Blaster Pro) and you can also rank with the video and live event.

In case you do want to stream the video to the event, you can do it in Live Event Blaster in 2 ways:

Option 1: Go to settings and enabled "Autostart streaming scheduled events".

When the date of the event passes, Live Event Blaster will automatically stream the video to the event. Please note, you need to have LEB open in order to stream.

Settings - Autostart setup



Option 2: Another way to start streaming an event (whenever you want) is to RIGHT CLICK on the event and then click on "START LIVE STREAMING". This will instantly start streaming the video to the live event. It does not matter if the event date passed, you can still use this function.

We recommend using manual "Start Live Streaming" when streaming a live event instead of "Auto Start Streaming"