Sometimes you will notice that your event drops after ranking within a few days.

This is because you are competing against others and the have gained ranking which move them further ahead of you.

What to do to recover from this?

You can re-publish your event. This is done by selecting your event, right-click and choose "Duplicate" . A new duplicated event will appear at the bottom of your existing events.




After you duplicate the event, click on "Update" and then "Upload Unpublished Items" to publish this duplicate event .. 

*Note* - If you edit anything for an event, it can sometimes lose rankings ..That’s how google works. If you edit a site the same thing happens ..It is recommended to only edit the description, and do not remove important keywords


Let this new event run for the next 2-3 days

Once you recover the ranking, you can remove the original event by right-click on it and click "Delete item from Live Event Blaster and YouTube" 






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